Unforgettable Presidents In America

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Unforgettable Presidents in America
Have you thought why you can live in a peaceful and modern America while your ancestors lived in a turbulent, suffering and behindhand colony. Have you imaged how hard the pioneers fight for present free and booming the New World. Have you considered to work for people in the nation even the world like American heroes. I’m inclined to think most of you haven’t thought it yet and be pessimistic to everyday without adequate energy to life. So today I want to talk with American, especially the young, about the famous and great presidents in America who have the spirit to release and promote American even mankind and buried themselves in the process. My purpose to write the essay is hoping everyone can learn something valuable from the unforgettable presidents and try to follow them.
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Most of presidents are ambitious and are good at following good examples. As follows, I will list several the most influential presidents and they are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt whose head portraits were engraved in Mount Rush National Memorial. In my opinion, Franklin D.Roosevelt is also an admirable president. All of them brought America new faces and pushed America to new starting points. In a word, I will talk about five presidents who brought hope and future to America and I will see the reason why they are so respect and what we can learn from each
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