Unfortunate Life Story Analysis

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This week in class we had a guest lecturer Mr. Patrick Jagessar. His mission was to impart his life story hoping that we the fellow students would learn from his mistakes and follow a different path. Mr. Jagessar was inspiring to say the least he related his unfortunate life story in such a cohesive and witty way. His approach to elaborating this story was most impressive. I asked myself, “How can someone who suffered such an unfortunate fate be so positive and light about this situation?” I suppose it had something to do with the 20 years plus since his release from imprisonment that led to this eventual wisdom, that coupled with his faith in God. It made me think of the severe implications one moment of poor judgement can lead to. I suppose some of us need to learn things the hard way, for me personally jail is too hard. However, no one human being is perfect and sometimes we are caught up or overwhelmed in our emotions. Some individuals will sacrifice anything for money and Patrick Jagessar was no exception. You may ask yourself, “Why would a man with such a promising career sacrifice it all for 1 million dollars?” Well this is simply greed. Greed is wanting to have more of something than anyone else. We usually associate greed with money and the people who will go to great lengths to accumulate more money. Greed is considered bad because at times, it blinds your righteous values and tempts you to adopt unfavourable shortcuts. Quick fix success or fame, may be product of
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