Unfriendly Competition Analysis

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A Life Lesson for the Unfriendly
Talia Underdown

Unfriendly Competition is a spectacular book, volume 12 from the Canterwood Crest series. This book has been written by a horse lover, Jessica Burkhart. The book was published when she was at the age of 24, she was born on the 29 of January 1987, now aged 29. Unfriendly Competition has many different plots in the one book. This book is set at a boarding school with stables in the United States called Canterwood Crest Academy. The main characters in the book are Sasha Silver, Heather Fox, Julia Myer, Alison Robb and Callie Harper and they would be described as stereotypical. There are many literacy aspects of the text that have revolved around the point of view. The themes in the book are very
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The main genre’s that has been used in the text would be drama and fiction. The book Unfriendly Competition is fiction, however, the author, Jessica Burkhart related to some issues in the text when she was at school. Some of the issues the author faced at school were exaggerated in the text by adding more conflict and drama into the situation. An example would be the gossip blog, teachers got involved and someone got expelled in the text, however, that never happened to the author. The text has been used in formal language to make accurate wording that is appropriate for the context which makes it easy for the targeted audience to understand like ‘We slowed the horses to a trot, and I leaned back in the saddle.’ This shows that the book is based on horse riders that people could relate too easily. The point of view the story has been told through is first person by a girl called Sasha Sliver. An example would be ‘You really have to give me, like, a private lesson sometime,” I told Brit. We walked back from the stable after our dressage lesson.’ Sasha is around the age of 14 and is in high school at Canterwood Crest Academy. This shows that the book could be based on the teenage influences and it is. As Sasha goes on through the book she shows you the senses she comes across from hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and seeing which all help to create…show more content…
The theme in the book Unfriendly Competition in the Canterwood Crest books would be girls, drama, and horses. Most of the characters in the book are girls and have their own horses that is often surrounded by drama that you would expect in a boarding high school. One of the main drama’s that happen in the book is when the girls Heather, Sasha, Julia and Alison get called up to the headmistress office about someone creating the gossip blog. The theme of the book can show that it would be relatable for a teen audience who would be girls and may do horse riding an example would be the author, when Jessica Burkhart was in high school she was into horses and someone in her year group created a blog, however, the problem was not as bad as it is in the book. The issues found in the book Unfriendly competition would fall under the theme of drama. Most of the issues that have arisen at the boarding school go all over the campus that ends up putting pressure on people like Sasha, Heather, Callie, Alison and Julia and their riding capabilities. One of the smallest issues that the riders have faced would be when the riding instructor Mr. Conner fell off a horse called Lexington as the horse spooked at a huge bird flying out of the trees on a cross-country course. The instructor went to hospital and it turned out that he had snapped his leg in half. The small issue in the text would be relatable to a teen
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