Unhappy Ending In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

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Unhappy Ending During the late 1800’s in the Progressive era, American women were constantly engaged in many women’s right protests in order to abolish unfair rights that the male-dominated society had force upon them. The issue were the right to vote, accessibility to birth control, and political equality. As a result of their works, most of women had gained the right to vote in some states and the right to own property, and divorce. Their actions had challenged the traditional role of women in the eyes of their society. So, after the late 1800’s moving to the early 1900’s women became more independent. However, in The Story of An Hour written by Kate Chopin in 1894 represent a short story about Mrs. Mallard had received a disastrous news about her husband's death during a railroad disjunction. Mrs. Mallard heard the news from Josephine and Richards, her sister and Mr. Mallard’s friend. They both failed to comfort Mrs. Mallard for her lost, as Mrs. Mallard wept and abandoned them by retreating…show more content…
Mallard, who was blissfully thought that she would be living by herself free from her husband’s oppression, met her tragic end as her dead partner walked through the door alive and well. Overflowed with guilt and shame, she passed away from her heart diseases. In my opinion, she should limited her vision to the reality instead of feeling overjoy because her husband death is still unclear. Her joy can wait a little longer until she see his dead body. Also being being ecstatic about something that was tragic should be limited and contained because the overall result might not be exact of what people had faith for. Finally, I’m glad that women in the progressive era have fought for women’s right like voting rights etc or else the women in the 21st century would end up like Mrs. Mallard unhappy
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