Unhealthy Behavior In Shakespeare's Hamlet As A Madman

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Hamlet could not control the behavior that cause him act in a strange way that portraying him as a madman. People will insist that they could control how they would process death, rejection and depression. The truth is that people who are emotionally healthy are normal and their behavior constantly under control, on the other hand there are some people who believe they can control unhealthy behavior, however in some cases it worsens the behavior. When Hamlet behavior seem unhealthy it cause him to act like a madman it was a lasting effect on his character.

Prince Hamlet learn that the person he loved the most had been taken away from him and no one could possibly understand what he was going through. He grieved after he received the news regarding his father's death. The news was heartbreaking for him and even more devastating that his uncle Claudius was the murder. Processing the death of his father, being rejected by the people around him, and his mother Gertrude who abandoned him by marrying the man who killed his father and took over the Kings' throne. The emotions of depression has cause the Prince to behave emotionally unhealthy turning him into a frantic madman.
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The character of Hamlet became more vague full rage and violence. Not only did his character change but he began to dress in dark clothing as he seem possessed by the very thing he had become. Everything in his life was affected by the hostility of anger that even the love of his life Ophelia to commit suicide because she could no longer deal with the mad man be had become. As the death of his father and Ophelia contribute a great deal his emotional uncertain he was a very troubled man and was not fit for the

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