Unhealthy Food Environment

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Since environment has a huge impact on childhood obesity, most children who are overweight or obese usually have overweight parents, it is commonly accepted that parents have responsibilities to prevent their children away from unhealthy condition and exert control children’s behaviour to build a healthy diet. Although parents’ role is important, when we focus on the environment of our society today, the unhealthy food market is also a big risk for childhood obesity. However, marketing to children seems special because children may incapable to afford the price of products by themselves, in other world, they do not have rights to choose the food on the market sometimes. But build a right-based approach of marketing to children is crucial on the United Nations Convention the Right to Children. This right-based approach builds on the principle of a civilized social responsibility to protect its citizens, also the protection of consumers, the consumers have right to be well informed and choose…show more content…
However, in a commercial view, it seems like that healthy food is always more expensive than the junk food in the Europe, especially when the food is tagged ‘organic’. I think the European Union can learn from the WHO’s strategy, which states that combining increase the price of unhealthy food and decrease the price of healthy food. Nevertheless, the measures will be prohibited if it will cause a trade barrier in the European common market, the European Union should be careful about the financial burden. In my opinion, the European Union can make the increased financial burden be countered by linking food taxes with healthy subsidies, like fresh fruits and vegetables, the higher price on unhealthy food will encourage people buy more healthy food, on the other hand, the extra subsidies can make a balance with the

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