Unhealthy Food Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Recently, many studies have been conducted in order to research the effects of unhealthy foods on the health and development of children. One of the most controversial questions asked is, "Should schools ban unhealthy foods?". Surrounding students with unhealthy foods is detrimental to their health, and it is important for schools to consider this manner seriously. After weighing the facts such as obesity rates, the effects of unhealthy foods, and the effects of vending machines, it can be proven that students would be healthier and better off if unhealthy foods were banned from schools. Obesity is a growing epidemic across America, especially in children and teens. Over the past 40 years, the obesity rate in children in America has more…show more content…
When interviewed about the topic she stated, ""Our classrooms should be healthy places where kids are not bombarded with ads for junk food," " ("First Lady"). She announced a new government proposal that would ban the selling and purchasing of sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks to students in public schools. Mrs. Obama has a dream that the normal snack for children will be fruits and vegetables instead of chips and candy. She claims that it does not make sense to advertise unhealthy foods to children because of the rising obesity rates. She also states that giving students unhealthy food products, such as candy, as prizes for good behavior or answering a question is merely absurd. Another important point she stresses is that healthy foods fill kids up for a longer period of time and students will be able to perform better in the classroom if they are not hungry all day long. Obviously she knows that health all starts in the home and a child who eats unhealthy foods all the time at home will reach for unhealthy foods at lunch, but she states "...it doesn't make sense to advertise and market unhealthy food to children at all, much less in schools" ("First Lady"). Michelle Obama stands for the health of children and will continue to push healthy diets and exercise programs for the rest of her
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