Unhealthy Lifestyle

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College provides students freedom unlike any other time in their life. With boundless opportunities, events, and overall excitement going on, maintaining a healthy lifestyle gets drowned out. Making friends, keeping up in classwork, and learning to live independently all require significant investments of time and energy, leaving little room for health. Health, however, is not just about restrictive eating to lose weight. Taking a holistic approach through small, yet sustainable changes will yield the best long-term results. Developing healthy habits can only be done by shifting mindset. Willpower only works to an extent, as it is an exhaustible resource that takes time to replenish. However, by changing the attitude of apathy and difficulty…show more content…
Visceral fat endangers health to a greater extent than subcutaneous as it directly affects organs vital to normal bodily function. It can only be burned through exercise and proper diet. Connecting the dots between the cause and the effect mentally reinstate the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. Understanding the details of scientific processes that lead to disease equip and motive me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not just incorporating, but prioritizing exercise creates a healthy routine. Exercising will give you more energy, as your body becomes trained to properly use energy rather than store it as fat. It will help you think clearly, and boost productivity, along with self-confidence. The mental and physical benefits of exercise are clear- we all understand them, but they're difficult to maintain. Finding an exercise that is fun for you is key. Whether it be joining a sports team, swimming or running on your own time, or using online videos to do home-workouts, exercise should be fun. Making exercise something to look forward to, and treating it like an investment in self care, establishes a sustainable mindset. Creating a set time for exercise, and establishing a routine, makes it easy to maintain.

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