Unhealthy Relationships In The Chaser By John Collier

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A healthy relationship is based on mutual respect, trust, and communication. Without any of these three components an unstable and unhealthy relationship is easily formed. In the story “The Chaser,” by John Collier, the audience is reading the start of a first-hand unhealthy relationship where trust, communication, and mutual respect are one sided. I believe that through this story, Collier was trying to enlighten males of their subjective characterization of women through their lack of these essential components. In the story, Alan is portrayed as a love-stricken, desperate, man in need. Throughout the story he seems hesitant and unsure of himself. He doesn’t talk much other than when he’s agreeing with the old man so you can get the feel that he holds this old man's opinion at great value. Alan looks at Diana as a possession or a…show more content…
The old man offers a more expensive potion that he says in older age a man will come back to. I believe the potion is a metaphor for divorce. A man expects his wife to cater to him, putting her life on hold to care for him. After years, men get tired of this and begin calling women things like crazy, and obsessed. They will do anything to get rid of this woman but for the potion to make her fall in love they would only invest a measly dollar. This spea “The Chaser” highlights some key points between male and female correlation. As females, we need to watch out for the Alans of the world and work towards showing them that we are more than just a pretty face. Women have all the right to speak out for themselves and what they want in life. The world is constantly changing and so are human relations. As times evolve, we the people need to evolve as well. In a world where gender equality is becoming a bigger pressing issue; we need to change our cultural norms to fit. I believe this is what the Collier was trying to convey to us through this
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