Unheroic Quality Of Odysseus In The Epic Poem The Odyssey

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In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer Odysseus, the protagonist, was a soldier in the Trojan war that lasted ten years. On Odysseus’s journey He and his men face many obstacles along their way like monsters, temptresses, and gods. Odysseus was the only member of his crew to make it home to Ithaca, the island he was king of. Odysseus was away from Ithaca twenty years. Odysseus was unheroic because he was hypocritical, selfish, and arrogant. The first unheroic quality that Odysseus displayed was being hypocritical. Odysseus is hypocritical because slept with a another woman , but he killed his maids for sleeping with another man. The second unheroic quality that Odysseus displayed was being selfish. The third unheroic quality that Odysseus
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