Unhooking The Moon Analysis

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In the book, “Unhooking the Moon”, by Gregory Hughes, a brother and a sister are faced with a considerable amount of trials. They push through everything and never give up hope in finding their long lost uncle in New York. The theme of the story is a very heart touching concept that we should all apply in our lives. From sleeping in the park, to nearly getting murdered, to being pushed into a drug deal, these siblings are the best of friends who endure everything together.

As these two siblings make their way to New York, they have no money. They could not afford to rent a hotel room. The two decided to go to central park and find a hidden place to sleep for the night. They found a little area hidden by bushes and trees so that no one could
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They already were having a bad day and now they had to find their sleeping spot in the dark. When Rat thought that he saw something, he rapidly turned his attention to finding their sleeping spot. When Rat realized that the shadow was pursuing them, they knew that this night could be the last. The two friends ran and ran until they were cornered next to a fence. They knew that in that moment no one was there to help them. But in their screaming, a police man came and found them. The two siblings always stayed with each other and never even thought of abandoned one another.

In New York's drug center, the two siblings found themselves fighting for their survival. After being given a ride to New York from a hidden drug dealer, they suddenly caught themselves helping him deliver drugs. When the kids tried to retaliate, they were tied up and put into a closet. Because of the sisters medical illness, she always has a phone and a tracker on her. She was able to call the police with the help of Rat. This represents great teamwork and bravery to be able to achieve this feat.

Because teamwork and loving one another is a great asset to have with your siblings, these friends were able to get out of treacherous situations. From sleeping in the park, nearly getting murdered to dealing drugs, these siblings had the greatest of adventures that could change their lives for the good, or for the
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