Unicameral Legislative Branch

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Legislative Branch in my government is unicameral legislative which only consists of a House of Representatives. The House of Representative elected thirty-five members that are divided among the states that have to be elected every two years but you had to follow by guidelines which are: Have to be at least twenty-five years old Is a U.S. Citizen for at least seven years Has to be a resident of that represents that state The House of Representatives forms a Congress which the constitution allows the Congress to pass legislation and to declare war. The One thing that makes my legislation different is not having a senate which goes in depth of determination of the bills. The determination of the bills allows them to look very deep into what they think the bills should be like which makes the senate slows down the process of the bills. By not having a Senate the process of making bills will be a lot quicker and could have its up and down. The downs to not having a senate will make governmental issues because it allows less public officials to pass a bill. Fewer voices are heard in the government which makes the government have quality of law. The government would have less quality of law because more bills would be…show more content…
The legislative branch doesn 't have senators that are not chosen for a term of four years. The reason for not having senators is because they slow down the billing process and it would show better progress if they weren 't included. The president also has the right to veto any bills that he doesn 't believe is necessary or that applies to our government every day
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