Unidentified Persons System

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Dr. Anderson believes that the main cause for so much illegal immigration is economic. The United States has a capitalist economy. It needs, and thrives off, the blue-collar league. Many Americans don’t want to do those jobs that the immigrants will do. Therefore, those from other countries come over and are hired to do them. Migrants are taking, and doing, jobs in every state. In turn, Americans are benefiting from it (Silver, 2013).

Although there are systems to identify missing people such as NamUs (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System) why can’t Dr. Anderson and his team use these systems to identify the dead bodies?

NamUs is the National Institute of Justice’s National Missing and Unidentified Person’s System. It can be
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People are afraid of the laws in the United States and don’t want to get in trouble themselves. Also, the false names that are used can be a problem in identifying them. Family is unaware of the name that they are using. They also may be afraid that they may be arrested again if they had in the past (Silver, 2013).

Newspapers send out public notices for family to contact the paper if the person is known. It is not stated that the person has passed (Silver, 2013).

In 2001, there was a spike in the deaths of those that were attempting to cross the border. The way that the border was policed had a play in the amount of deaths. The Clinton strategic border plan came into effect. In it, it was to seal of safe migration. The amount of Border patrol agents was increased. And migration was attempted to flow to California and Texas. This would hopefully stop people from going through Arizona. This unfortunately was not the case (Silver,
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It was his picture that was posted and not his name. The tattoos that he had helped to prove that it was him. He passed away in the desert (Silver, 2013).

A couple days into the journey he was not feeling well and said his stomach was hurting. He was unable to walk anymore. The people that he was with stayed by his side and carried him. They helped him along for three or four days. They then had to leave him because he was too sick (Silver, 2013).

His body was flown back home to his family. Family and friends gathered and surrounded him. The tattoos on his chest were his daughters’ name (Silver,
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