Unienzyme Research Paper

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ould be exercised while its use during pregnancy and lactation. 10. Does Unienzyme have side effects? All the components of Unienzyme act locally, so there are fewer chances of adverse effects. No serious side effects have been reported with Unienzyme, however, nausea, skin rashes and allergic/hypersensitivity or idiosyncratic reactions is a theoretical possibility. As the medication contains activated charcoal, black faeces, diarrhoea, vomiting and pulmonary aspiration are other possible side effects. 11. For how long should I take Unienzyme? In general, enzyme therapy is safe for long-term use. Reported evidence suggests the use of Unienzyme for 10 to 15 days in the treatment of indigestion. 12. Is Unienzyme habit forming? No evidence of such a situation has been recorded. None of the components of Unienzyme act on the brain; therefore, chances of habit formation are remote. 13. How can I avoid indigestion, gas and acidity? Simple changes in your eating habits and lifestyle can help prevent indigestion and its symptoms. You can follow these tips to avoid conditions like…show more content…
Can young children suffering from heartburn take Unienzyme? There are no adequate and well-controlled studies on the consumption of Unienzyme among young children. 26. How does Unienzyme tablet work to relieve…show more content…
Fungal diastase is rich in alfa-amylase which helps in the digestion of carbohydrates. Papain is a protease enzyme and helps in the digestion of proteins. Both fungal diastase and papain are active at a common pH range of approximately 5 and are functionally not influenced by varying stomach environment. In fact, a synergistic digesting effect is produced by a combination of these two enzymes. Activated charcoal is totally inert and is incorporated in Unienzyme to adsorb gases and toxins to offer relief from abdominal distension and dyspepsia. Thus, it serves to complement the role of
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