Unification In International Relations

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The type of unification cannot involve the bringing together of separate things. This remains to be seen and explicated later on. The distinctions within it cannot be purely potential since then they'd be nothing. It stands to reason, then that the distinctions within the ultimate unifier must be purely-actual distinctions. The purely-actual distinctions must have an ordering to each other insofar as they stand in a unity, but there cannot be a division of their ordering to each other and their individuality and distinctiveness, lest act and potentiality be introduced in each. What's more, to be ordered to another is the formal character of a relation, hence each purely-actual distinction must be a subsisting relation. These subsisting…show more content…
Furthermore, relation 1 is its operation of giving and is nothing in addition to this. But for whatever relation, relation 1 gives to there must be another relation that relates relation 1 to the other relation. For it was argued before that the relations must be related to other via other…show more content…
Being as a concept applied to existing things is analogical insofar as it applies to both individual and what is shared in common. Being as such thus overcomes the opposition between universality and particularity. Indeed, the subsisting relations should be construed as the unlimited perfection of universal being beyond all categories, the unlimited perfection of the particular below every category, and the unlimited perfection of sharing both of these extremes. All of these may be said to be infinite unqualifiedly. Nevertheless, they still are distinct via their relative opposition to each other, which is not a distinction according to quality or essence. The unlimited perfection of universal being is nothing more than a relation between unlimited particularity and unlimited unification of both extremes. What's more, the unlimited perfection of particularity is nothing more than the relation between unlimited universality and unlimited unification of both extremes. Accordingly, the unlimited perfect unification of both extremes is nothing more than the relation between unlimited universality and unlimited

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