Unified Model Of Partnership Essay

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There exist a working relationship among organisations that offer health and social care services. They are able to work together to offer solution to the complex health issues that affect the individuals that use their services. They are able to exchange information that relate to health and social care and this improves the skills and knowledge of users of their services. Duties and responsibilities should be given to reduce issues for example conflicts of interest. They are also able to pull together resources and this makes it easy to solve the complex health issues.
2.1 Analysing models of partnership working across the health and social care sector
Unified model of partnership- This is a model in health and social care that is used to develop joint health programs that are used by providers of health and social care
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2.2 Reviewing current legislation and organisational practices and policies for partnership working in health and social care practice
Current and legislations relating to health and social care
There are several legislation that the government have put in place and other organisational practices and policies that relate to health and social care and which require organisations that are working in partnership to offer quality services to users to access quality health services. The current legislation includes:
The children act- The Act requires that all children to be treated equally and have a right to access Education and Medicines. They health and safety should be safe guarded.
Mental health Act- The act requires that services users that have mental issues and other difficulties to be provided with care and support. They should be given the necessary support for them to live a healthy and comfortable
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