Unilever Case Study

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Unilever Company History

Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company in Middle East located in UK. It owns more than 400 brands, which focus on laundry product, food, beverage, and personal care. Its brands sold in more than 190 countries with 2 billion consumers on any given day.
Unilever adapted technology positively in their production, marketing, research and development processes, although that technology has a great cost.
Unilever is expanding its markets from developed markets to emerging markets. It is using outsourcing methods to reduce cost of production for goods.
Unilever produces brands that meet the need of their customers by making them look good, by giving them good taste with nutrition, and by providing them hygiene, although customers ' needs.
Unilever is a business founded on a sense of purpose, and our unique heritage still shapes the way we do business today.
About Unilever:
Unilever founded by the merge of Margarine Union and Lever Brothers Company in 1920s. Margarine Union originally is a merger between two businesses that were trying to improve margarine, and they merge due to the increasing of competition, while Lever Brothers Company produced soap, eventually when business grew rapidly, they merged to form Unilever.
Unilever History:
The company Timeline:

Year Phase
1885 - 1899 Product innovation, 19th Century Style
1900 - 1909 New focus on raw materials
1910 - 1919 A decade of change
1920 - 1929 Unilever is formed
1930 - 1939

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