Unilever Case Study Solution

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Inbound logistics:
Company by making use of multiple software, professional services and domain expertise, Unilever was benefited by Bravo solution’s transportation solution
These mainly includes as follows:
• Truckload
• Less-than-truckload (LTL)
• Small Parcel
• Ocean
• Intermodal Mainly there are 3 important phases which are as follows: 1: A customized RFI to RFP process inviting selected carriers to submit their proposals, capacity and capability information
2: To determine total best value solution optimization scenario analysis is used and also focus the cost of several business preferences and requirements.
3: On-going management of existing contracts and KPI reporting to maintain the expected value and drive continuous improvement Unilever has received an effective tailored combination from RFP process, but there is requirement to analyse several lakhs of information , using the analysed data Unilever leveraged BravoSolution's optimization software comb through the information and allocate business across the final list of carriers based on their best use of capabilities and reources. Finally inbound freight , delivering products to customer and replenishing distribution are achieved by a
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using the BravoSolution optimization technology requirements and preferences are quickly coasted which helps to take up the strategic decisions immediately. Unilever consolidated its businesses and operations, continued to further consolidate carrier bases and standardize transportation strategies across their operating units. Each project were larger with more diverse requirements than it was. To re-source its critical modes of transportation for organizational alignment and economic benefit Unilever uses the BravoSolution toolkit navigate these challenges and to take advantage of the

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