Unilever Industry Analysis

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“To double the size of the business whilst reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact.” (Unilever’s Annual Report 2014)

2.2 Business Model Business Model of Unilever (Unilever’s Annual Report 2014)

The Business Model of the Unilever clearly specifies that the business model of this organization have been based on three layers, which are having sufficient amount of guidance for any product launch or re-launch. This model starts with the sustainability living, which is also the core purpose of the organization. Through this, the organization focuses on changing the preferences of the customers survive in the challenging environment (Unilever’s Annual Report 2014). The second layer in this
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Since this brand s a multinational hereby, some of its products are used domestically, while major portion of the good are exported to other regions of the world. There are certain brands of Unilever, which are also producing locally, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, and China (Fuchs, Bender & Glen 2015).
At each of these regions, the organization has been fond producing the products that are most effectively sold in these markets (Reilly & Hynan 2014). For analyzing the current situation of this industry, the best means in to opt for SWOT analysis that provides with the not only the strength and opportunities but also the weaknesses and threats for the organization, which has been given below:
SWOT analysis
Strength Weaknesses
- Acquires deep and extensive experience and insight of the industry
- Highest share in the market
- A large range of brands being established
- Widespread distribution network
- Competitive advantage over others - Extreme dependence for raw materials on outsourcers and no back up
- Availability of competing
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This makes Unilever to work on the same basis. Hereby, the organisation is always in need of producing or launching new products or re-launching the products that already exist (Gupta & Sur 2013). Keeping the purpose of launching or re-launching to just keep in the focus of the customers. This report would also be focussing on the launching of a new product, that would be profiled after the analysis of the entire market of Unilever and also absorbing the needs of this market as well as the markets of Unilever around the globe (Reilly & Hynan

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