Unilever Malaysia Case Study

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ICT Resource Management: A Study of Distribution Management System (DMS) in Unilever Malaysia 1. Introduction Distribution Management System (DMS) is a collection of applications designed to monitor and control the entire distribution network efficiently and reliably. It acts as a decision support system to assist the control room and field operating personnel with the monitoring and control of the electric distribution system. DMS access real-time data and provides all information on a single console at the control centre in an integrated manner. Moreover, DMS also improves the reliability and quality of service in terms of reducing outages, minimizing outage time, maintaining acceptable frequency and voltage levels are the key deliverables…show more content…
6.1 Top Management Roles in DMS Top level managers consist of the board of directors, president, vice-president, CEOs and others. They are responsible for controlling and overseeing the entire organization. They make long term goals, strategic plans and company policies and make decisions for the business. 6.1.1 Budget planning DMS provides data / information for top management in decision making [6]. With information such as sales, distribution and retailers, it helps top management in prioritizing the fund allocations. 6.1.2 Overall RTM strategy Distribution data is one of the key information that DMS could generate. These data allows the top management to plan the Route To Market (RTM) strategy - the most cost effective ways in distribution. 6.2 Middle level Management Middle level management consists of general managers, branch managers and department managers. Middle level managers are more emphasizing in executing organizational plans in conformance with the company 's policies and objectives. This includes being able to define and discuss information and top management policies with lower management and, most importantly, provide lower level managers with guidance and inspiration for high

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