Unilever: Meso Analysis: Porter's Five Force Model

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Porter’s Five Force Model Porter’s five force model is the model that shows the competitive environment of any firm. This model is essential for the Meso analysis. It distinguishes the market attractiveness of the business. This model is invented to determine the market attractiveness, how attractive is the market where all the competitors are in. This model was invented in 1979 by Michel Porter. So, what the model explains is that there are five forces which determine the market attractiveness. The names of five forces are as follow: 1- Competitive rivalry within the industry 2- Threats of new entrants 3- Threats of substitute products 4- Bargaining power of customers 5- Bargaining power of suppliers Practical implementation of the Model:…show more content…
It is also used to determine the activeness of the companies in the market. As we know that the Unilever is one of the renowned names in the market. They have so many competitors. That means they have a strong force of competitive rivalry. This has some external factors affecting it. Some are high number of firms and low switching of costs, both are strongly affected forces on competitive rivalry of Unilever. In such a big market, it’s very easy for a customer to switch to other brand. For that purpose low switching of prices have a very strong effect on their market value. Thus, in the case of Unilever the competitive rivalry is strongly…show more content…
Unilever have large suppliers which provide them with the basics of their products. Population of the suppliers have a normal effect on Unilever, they have large number of suppliers they can switch to any other they want depending upon their terms and conditions of desired products. Same as with the overall supply, suppliers for the raw materials of the same product are same for all other companies, if the supplier made some changes it will have a little effect on the Unilever. Thus, from the analysis we can say that bargaining power of suppliers in the Unilever firm is

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