Unilever Supply Chain Analysis

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For the cursed project, I choose to talk about Unilever that was number one on the supplied chain top in 2017. Unilever is a British-Dutch company that deals with transitional goods. The primary company locations in the London United Kingdom where we can find the executive offices and Rotterdam, Netherlands. This company is considered one of the largest worldwide company. The company has many products as food, beverages, personal care, and cleaning. At same time Unilever is regarded as one of the oldest multinational corporations and the products that its sell them are available in almost 190 countries. So according to with the statistics, the company has multiple business strategies to achieve maximum profitability. To accomplish this profitability,…show more content…
So, there are a couple of important things that need to be taken into consideration while dealing with customers as Unilever adopted for their business. As an example, they chose a suitable practice to save money or the little control that a part of the supply chain has it over a specific area of customers or supplier’s behaviors. So, Unilever has a lot of success on the supply chain side a this because they made significant changes on the policies and procedures and not only in that but even on its culture to help bust sales, and in the future, they plan to double the size of the company. For all those reasons Unilever is having a great relationship with its customers, and at the same time, they enforce a strong relation towards its retailers. The primary advantage of Unilever is that they have a long-term market plan that they make them successful and their products are trendy around the world. A good strength that the company is having is that they have an individual cost for each of their products and a broad range of their daily products. This also has access to an advantageous network and distribution channels, and all of those have a significant effect on their final products and the quality of…show more content…
Because along with those relationships they need to establish long-term relations this is very important for the future of the company and its individual growth. Choosing the right suppliers that can provide for you the right quality is very critical for a firm, Unilever was very selective in their contracting process. Base on their principles they enforced a transparent relationship with them that allows them to have close collaboration and to use an integrated supplier platform called Supplier Net. For one thing, they are focusing strongly on their relationship with the suppliers, and that makes them have great international success. Another important thing on their company is innovation so according to with the article that I read for Unilever 30% of their growth comes from innovation and 70% of innovation comes from their suppliers. So, they build every day a healthy relationship with their suppliers that lead them to another concept, ideas towards a great success on the market. They also have substantial value towards their suppliers and that value its making them stronger on the

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