Unintended Exclusion In Animal Farm

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It is impossible to make everybody included all the time. So, when laws and rules are created, the creators have to settle for making the majority included. This inevitably leads to certain parties being left out. Laws and rules create intended and unintended exclusion through generalization, unrecognized majorities, secrecy, and intimidation. One way unintended exclusion can be created by laws and rules is through generalization. For explanation, in Animal Farm, when some animals cannot memorize all the commandments, “Snowball declared that the Seven Commandments could in effect be reduced to a single maxim, namely: ‘Four legs good, two legs bad,’”(Orwell 34). While this phrase applies to most of the animals, as most are four legged, there are some loopholes as well as exclusion. To elaborate, “The birds at first objected, since it seemed to them that they also had two legs,”(Orwell 34). Because Snowball oversimplified, his statement is a wide and untrue generalization. Most animals are covered by this umbrella statement, except for the birds, who have to legs. Other than that, there are some animals and humans who have lost a leg…show more content…
In a law, if a certain group of people is left out, then they are automatically set apart from the groups who were recognized. For instance, Article 12 of the U.S.S.R constitution says, “work is a duty and a matter of honor for every able-bodied citizen, in accordance with the principle: ‘He who does not work, neither shall he eat’”(“1936 Constitution”). The article emphasizes the importance of citizens doing their part in work. But, the article does not recognize citizens who are disabled or ill, and cannot do work. This causes those unable citizens to be separated from the able citizens, leading to their exclusion in the honor of being a noble worker. Therefore, isolating minorities contribute to unintended exclusion in laws and
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