Uniqlo Case Study

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1.0 Introduction Uniqlo is a multinational firm which is Japanese company. Uniqlo started their business in 1984. Uniqlo’s mission is to enable people to enjoy the joy, satisfaction and happiness of wearing their casual clothing. With locations in over 14 countries and regions, Uniqlo need to employ many people in order to run their business (UNIQLO 2014). In other words, if Uniqlo start their business in a new place, job opportunities will increase. Appendix 1 shows review of employees who work in Uniqlo in other country. In Malaysia, Uniqlo has 23 stores which locate at Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama and other places. Appendix 2 shows a research on multinational firm which related to Uniqlo. 2.0 Existing Compensation and Benefits Plan that Offered to Uniqlo’s Employees Uniqlo offers many compensation and benefits to their employees. Normally, a good compensation and benefits can help to attract and keep the high performing employees in the organisation. Therefore, compensation and benefits plan that offered to employees are very vital in order to achieve oraganisational goals. First of all, one of the existing compensation and benefits plan that offered to Uniqlo’s employees is dental benefit (JobStreet 2014). Appendix 3 shows the benefits offer to Uniqlo’s employees. During interview with one of the assistant store managers, Dorothy (2014, pers. comm, 10 July 2014) told us that for lower level employees such as retail associates, they

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