Uniqlo Marketing Strategy

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Currently, fast-fashion brands such as H&M, Forever 21 and Cotton ON are developing into successful and attractive business, because of consumers in Sydney. This study will validate significant involvement of Product, Place, Price, Promotion and People element in the 7Ps of marketing mix. The functions from 7Ps of marketing mix have proved as a strengthening factor for marketing strategy in the case of new fashion brand, UNIQLO located in Sydney. This case clarifies the relationship between marketing strategy and brand building of the service provider. Therefore, recommendations will properly show how to approach an effective marketing strategy. The observations from this report will also reinforce appreciation of an academic and
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The place has a sales floor of around 1400 Sq. Meters which is in proximity of several shopping centers and famous standalone luxury brands as well as fast fashion brands such as Forever 21,Cotton ON, Zara and newly opened H&M.UNIQLO has an opportunity to develop customer recognition and brand image through the shopping town that exhibits synergy effect from similar existing shops.(DDDD).However, UNIQLO is located just inside the shopping center having mixed presence of several similar retailers. Therefore, any customer does not have a choice to buy earlier as UNIQLO in comparison with competitors selling similar…show more content…
The marketing department should be involved right from a product planning stage so that marketer will gain better product knowledge and come up with well-informed messaging. It leads to achieving effective consumer awareness from publicities through TV CM, newspaper advertisements and even the Internet (gggg). In addition to this, the advertisement in local newspapers should be appealing a great deal for promoting the excitement in local people and travellers to visit the stores (KKK). These marketing activities are responsible for generating information such as the innovative spirit, the distinctiveness and the enhanced brand image of the company

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