Uniqlo Supply Chain Analysis

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Uniqlo, a modern Japanese company, is a major division of Japanese retailing company Fast Retailing and sells inexpensive high quality fashion merchandise. It focuses on mass production of affordable basics in dozens of colours to inspire people in the world to dress casually, and had its roots in Japan before expanding worldwide.
It is the fourth-largest retail apparel company in the world right next to other companies such as Zara, H&M and Gap. Started in 1984, it has since expanded more than 17, 00 stores in 17 markets worldwide, including 24 brick-and-mortars and an online store in Singapore. The company is also committed to offering employment opportunities for people with disabilities as its mission to make the world a better
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Zara has taken into account consumer trends and with this, came up with products that are tailored to the consumers’ ever-changing needs and wants. This is Zara’s strategy and on this line of thought, the company has developed a supply chain that is able to respond quickly to a new trend and allows quick delivery of its products as well. Zara has many designs and constantly delivers them to its stores worldwide. It is able to achieve this feat through the use of machinery, which reduces the production and shipping time.
H&M’s strategy combines the ones used by Uniqlo and Zara. The company manages to keep itself current by responding to current fashion trends but at the same time, secures the company’s future by making sure production costs are kept at acceptable levels. H&M outsources their production to a network of more than 500 suppliers. This allows H&M to be more responsive to
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These companies will adapt high fashion looks from runway shows and turn them into cheap clothing. This is different for Uniqlo, as they focus on urban basics such a t-shirts, jeans, underwear for both men and women. Their clothes are updated and trendy but not necessarily fashionable but they are still able to fulfil their core functions and purpose. This is more attractive to consumers as they are looking for something practical and suits their urban lifestyle. Uniqlo clothing is part and parcel of consumer’s lives and the consumers know this thus they would always come back to Uniqlo to shop as they know what they need can surely be found at Uniqlo as the company’s branding is to provide high quality, performance-enhanced, basic casual wear at the lowest

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