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Unique Aspects of Mass Communication
Mass communication can be considered as unique form of communication as there are several unique aspects of mass communication. Firstly, the unique aspect of mass communication is a complex source that operates in an organization setting. The source is the person who creates, imagines and sends the information or message. An example for the sources of mass communication are news reporters, magazine editor, television producers and others. Since the source of mass communication message normally are a person or group that operate within media organization or institution so there are various sources in mass communication. The sources are complex and sophisticated because the contents of message is produced
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The media is able to influence the mind of audiences with certain news, ideas and events so that media gatekeepers play the role in filtering the media information and content and also to determine the information source. The gatekeepers could be individuals or group who in selecting and determining the news passes through the flow of information control before it transmitted to the audiences. The gatekeepers includes radio and television producers, editors of newspaper and magazines, advertisers, political groups and station owners. In mass media, there are certain news should have been printed on the front page of the newspaper which consider as main news or prime news thus the role of gatekeepers is to determine which news should be given priority in the media and delivered to the audiences. An example for this gatekeeper process are writing, selecting, editing, rejecting, placing and scheduling. The gatekeepers has identified influences of the roles of editors based on the information in the news form that being delivered to listeners, readers and viewers as well as they have responsibility in determining who and what should be presented in the…show more content…
The role of gatekeepers in mass media is control the flowing of news in media channels as it has controlled the information and media contents that get to media consumers and also created awareness by shifting the decision about what should be produced. For example, mostly everyone on the globe knows about the news of the lost Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 and it has been a sensational news story. As a result Internet has created a wide range of prediction on the fate of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 and it still continuing since the audiences are interesting on latest news about flight MH370 and they will keep give attentions on it until they get an outcome. The news forms include newspapers, television, radio and others have also produced a lot of predictive stories in order to attract the attention from numerous readers towards their articles on the web or other news media channels. Mass media especially the Internet has given us access to limitless sources of the news about MH370 from different editors which enable us to get various prospects on the same news so that the media gatekeepers will select the news that match with their control range which made from a variety of sources before being delivered to media consumers. However, the gatekeepers in traditional mass communication is no longer being followed in the online environment

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