Unique Lessons In The Princess Bride

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Unique Lessons in the Princess Bride “We will never survive! ‘Nonsense.’ You’re only saying that because no one ever has.” Westley and Buttercup fall in love. Westley leaves and sadly never returns for Buttercup. She marries Prince Humperdinck but they have no love for each other. Buttercup gets kidnapped by Fezzik, Inigo, and the Sicilian. The Man in Black goes and takes Buttercup away and then Buttercup realizes that it is Westley that came back for her. Through their adventures Goldman managed to fit relatable life lessons into the novel as well as romance, comedy and action. One life lesson that the Princess Bride portrays is “No matter how insane a problem may seem, there is always a way to tackle it”. Westley and Buttercup were trapped by Prince Humperdinck and the only way out was to go through the Fire Swamp. Fezzik and Inigo had to go…show more content…
“Be Yourself”. Prince Humperdinck never really changed, but he needed to change because he was a nasty man. Westley was really himself the whole time, even though he changed his look to be the Man in Black, he himself never changed. Lots of people, including myself, try to be like someone else sometimes but if you be yourself and accomplish what you want to accomplish, you will eventually succeed and do great things. The third life lesson that the Princess Bride relates to is,“Just because no one has, doesn’t mean you can’t”. Just because Fezzik and Inigo knew no one has made it out of the Zoo of Death did not mean they were going to just quit. They tried and eventually succeeded and made it out alive. Count Rugen has six fingers so he asked Domingo Montoya to create a sword for his unique six fingered grip. Yukon girls basketball team had the chance to be the first team to win 100 straight games in the NCAA. They beat South Carolina to eventually clinch the 100 game winning
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