Virtual Reality Game Analysis

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Unique Story Line: What happens when a Machine dies? Do they go to Machine heaven? Is there a God for the machines? What legacy do machines leave behind? Are they just simply a toaster or is there a place for them in heaven? These are age-old questions not easily answered; especially in a setting like Asymmetrical War’s Titan II (Earth’s 2nd Moon), where the inhabitants wander through the rubble of forgotten ancients... all of whom must have felt that their lives mattered, too. But for the new species of Artificial Intelligent Machines, these questions are brand new and relevant. And yet they persevere as humanity always has, trying to improve their own lives and the lives of their friends and loved ones. Sometimes, they dream bigger. Mystery-- You enter the game as you enter the world—newborn and ignorant—and you must find your truths, the answers that fit your…show more content…
You want to see rewards commensurate with your actions, and you want to see the world change based on what you’ve done. A Virtual Reality Game should offer you many ways to reach its many endings, and each should be equally valid and important, honestly reflecting the choices you’ve made. We’ll do just that. Your choices start right away. Even as you crawl from the rubble during the ceremonial blast at the start of the game, you’ll be offered choices. Whatever you decide, you’ve taken your first steps in the game, and they’ll echo throughout your play. We’ll track your choices without preaching about them; you can be the light or darkness as you like without a higher discrimination awaiting you. “Does it really matter what I do, then?” Absolutely! You’ll make choices based on how you want to handle each situation, not on the basis of an external scale of Light and Darkness. The characters around you will judge you based bot on your motivations but on the consequences of your
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