Uniqueness In Literary Analysis

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The article on the topic Uniqueness in literary compositions is related with the incomparability of the literary work. Every work of art is unique. It has its own personality. This article gives a view point to understand the inner sight of a literary work which is basically depends upon its content and form. This created world of words has its own unique character. The purpose of this project in hand is to discuss the uniqueness of literary compositions. Before we talk about the unique/uniqueness of this problem i.e. literary compositions, It will be necessary to know the meaning of unique or uniqueness. Uniqueness is synonymous with unique the meaning of uniqueness is, something which cannot be compared with any other. If we want to go deeper in to the meaning of “unique". We can take the help of some dictionaries. New Standard Dictionary of English Language has written about "unique" and uniqueness as under:- Unique: Being the only one of its kind; being without equal; hence Singular; uncommon; rare; as a unique personality. Uniqueness: A person or thing distinguished as the only one of its kind.1 Webster 's Dictionary Unique: Something (as a specimen thing, circumstances or person). That is unique: The only one of its kind. Uniqueness: the quality or state of being unique.…show more content…
The concept of uniqueness in literary writings without doubt gives these writings unique distinction and requires understanding the theory/maxims behind these concepts. The improvements of these concepts are very important. It is not proper to impose same restricted rules on the literary work. In spite of that this concept has certain limitations. The first is that a lays stress on special feature. Secondly this concept is not recognized as contrary to History and literary works. It is correct that certain rules and regulations should not be imposed on literary writings but it can act as understanding of the foundation of literary creations. This concept is silent in

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