Unit 02 Principles Of Personal Development In Adult Social Care Settings 1.1

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Unit 02 Principles of Personal Development in Adult Social Care Settings. 1.1 Explain what reflective practice is Reflection is the personal examination of your own thoughts and actions, it is about thinking things over. Reflection is an important human activity in which people recapture their experience, think about it, mull over and evaluate it. When working in an adult care setting this means being conscious about how you interact with colleagues, your clients and the environment. It means thinking about how you could have done something differently, what you did well, what you could have done better, how could you improve what you did. It also means reflecting on your own values, beliefs and experiences which shape your thoughts and ideas. I am responsible for providing an equal , non-discriminatory and inclusive service to all individuals no matter what a person’s personal beliefs and values may be. Reflective practice is exploring why and how you practice, thinking back over a situation or activity and then developing a different approach to gain insight into a new way of learning. I believe that reflective practice is a very important tool the adult social care setting as I have found that I am faced with new challenges and obstacles in the clients home each day. I believe that for myself to be a good career I need to be self-critical of my practice, picking out not only the good parts but also the parts of my practice that didn’t go so well. It is important to

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