Unit 1 Assignment 1 As A Human Service Professional

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Hello Professor and Classmates, As a human service professional I would have to intercede differently with a client who has a diagnosis of AIDS from a client who has been diagnosed as HIV positive for many reasons. HIV is a virus that gradually attacks the immune system, which is our body’s natural defense against illness. AIDS is a syndrome caused by the HIV virus. It is when a person’s immune system is too weak to fight off many infections. Dealing with a person with HIV it would be best to provide support and hopes, making sure medications are being taken to prevent this from turning into AIDS. According to Kanel (2014), crisis workers and counselors can help society by understanding how those infected and not infected can reduce the risk of spreading the virus, giving ideas of how to reduce the risk of infecting others that counselors can share with clients who may be at risk of spreading or being infected by HIV. I feel dealing with someone who has AIDS would be fairly difficult but it is important to show as much empathy as possible and be supportive encouraging the client to take medications so that they may live as long as possible. Although feelings may be similar my interventions with someone who suffers from PTSD would…show more content…
This would aide in helping clients cope much better with things. I see the critical incident debriefing helping me as a human services worker because this would give me the opportunity to better understand the trauma my client may be experiencing or have experienced. This would help prevent long term damage such as PTSD. Debriefing impacts someone who has experienced a critical incident because this would help a client move on with life giving them the sense of support knowing that they have someone there for

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