Unit 1 Assignment 1 Film Analysis

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To be highly involved in the production of a film and/or TV show. I would prefer a higher position of leadership such as being a director. I love the notion of conceptualizing an image, carrying it out and making it a reality. Cinema is something that brings joy to a wide variety of audiences. People form connections and bond over something as simple as being a fan of the same TV show or movie. It 's also an escape from reality in some cases and it would be amazing if I could provide that for people.
2. What are the requirements/qualifications for the position?
Although there does not seem to be any formal requirements it is highly advisable to gain experience whether it be from working on student based productions or branching off and creating one 's own short films. It is also very important to have up-to-date knowledge of the film industry itself. This ranges from understanding filmmaking techniques, working collaboratively with others, knowing the equipment that is being used, learning how to conduct yourself professionally and leading a team in the process. As mentioned previously, there are any formal requirements but it is beneficial to earn a bachelor 's or higher in the fields of journalism, film, communication, acting, arts management or a similar track.
3. What are the primary duties of this position?
Directors are the primary driving force behind any production. They work collaboratively with a
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What are five things you plan to do during your undergraduate studies to prepare for this goal?
Join TSF and participate in improv to help develop quick thinking skills and allow for a flow of creativity.
Join GatorNBS and get involved with ChomPics Productions to gain some experience with working on a production.
Immerse myself into internships opportunities.
Utilize the Immersion opportunities such as The Media Management Experience.
Study abroad to expand my horizons and learn about my major at an international

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