Unit 1 Assignment 1: Information Protection Of Information Security

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A company’s database can be attacked from outside using so many methods hence information protection should take precedent in all decision making. Companies should take pride in making sure its database is protected from external breaches at all costs, otherwise the cost of tracking a breach is more expensive. Firstly, hacker are examples of a company been breached from outside, a hacker is a computer programmer who can at any given time combine his/her intelligence, curiosity, knowledge, creativity and smartness to do something as stupid as hacking for the fun of it or for ransom. Hackers meet their objectives by passing or interfering with the company’s computer’s security, software or database. Secondly, cyber-mercenaries can also temper with a company’s database, these are professional security people who normally work with criminals. “Vulnerabilities are created when these activities are left “for another day” due to other priorities or pressures to…show more content…
A virus can be in form of an email from an known source, clicking on such emails or attachment can lead a breach of data security. Thus, a computer should be protected by anti-virus and anti spyware software to reduce vulnerability. Company computers should be checked for out of date anti- virus and anti spyware software as they may fail to detect viruses. What do your examples have in common? What my example has in common is that anyone externally can breach the security of data, if a company does not put certain security measures in place. The above examples given all have the ability to access important information and wipe out all computer information depending on their objective. They all if need be ask for a ransom or money to restore the information or sell out the information to the public. For example wikileaks. What important lessons can the e-business community learn from these
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