Unit 1 Assignment 1 Rotation

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What Kayden and I did first is get on EV3 robot out and connect it to bluetooth, after that we did that we started to think about how we were going to find out how many rotations that we were going to need to get it from start to finish. So, we got a ruler and since we already knew one rotation was equal to 7 inches we guesstimate that it would be about 5 rotations. When we tried it is was still a little short of its goal, so we added 0.5 to it and it barely went over its goal. Finally we took away 0.08 and tried it and it landed exactly on its target. So our final solution was 5.42 rotations at 27% would get us from the start to the finish exactly. After that we thought about how we could have done it better, and we concluded that it could have taken less tries if we had figured out how many inches are in 0.10 rotations. Those where the results on the rotations part of the reflection on the moving straight mission. Once we did on rotations we moved on to degrees, are results were that it takes 1951.2 degrees at 27% power to go from point A to point B exactly. The strategy I used was to use my previous knowledge to know that there is 360 degrees in 1 rotation. That led me…show more content…
First we thought about what would be a reasonable second time. After that we put in 5 and it went a little more than halfway, so we moved on to a higher number like 8. Sadly, it didn 't work and it was only a slight bit away from the finish, so we decided to program the robot to move 9. After that it was only barely not on the finish line so we decided to add 0.5 and then it landed right on the line. So my final answer to the mission was that if you go at 20% power for 9.5 seconds you will complete the mission. What strategy I could use time time is to measure how far it goes when it is at a certain power level in one second. So that concludes my reflection on my Moving straight mission

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