Unit 1 Case Study Magento

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Ever since the inception and release of the Magento, it has got a great deal of consideration from designer and merchant group in terms of web shops, especially the e-commerce platforms. Magento Developer(s), Utah love it more owing to its modularity which allows them to do anything (very nearly) the customer asks them. Dealers cherish it due to the vast number of supportive features .

Furthermore, Magento is easy to install and manage at free of cost. With numerous platforms including Magento, the e-commerce market has reached its peak today, paving way for hackers simultaneously to hack the website, steal credit card details and other sensitive data from the e-commerce websites. Merchants data are vulnerable to hackers before it is patched up or fixed. For instance, an attacker modified the HOST header to URI for the targeted
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Regular backup of the Magento store: Save regular backup copies on a different server. This saves a copy for oneself in case of any server crashes.
Strong password usage: A splashdata revealed '123456 ' as the most commonly used password. It is better to use password with more than ten characters that includes upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters as well. Regular change of password, two-factor authorization is recommended. Moreover, identical passwords for several logins and storing it in computer are indeed a threat for all the accounts.
Firewall: Deny public access except the web server by utilising firewall.
Keep an eye on any suspicious activity in logs.
Change backend URL and use SSL for backend.
Usage of antivirus software, minimum access permissions, blocking unwanted countries lessens intruders.

Utilising all the Magento tips, one can easily keep his data safe and secure. Further, one can obviously get in touch with the Magento developers, Utah for timely

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