Unit 1 Compare And Contrast Visual And Visual Research Paper

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Lighting: Light is crucial for the perception and recognition of color. It’s also necessary to have a colored surface from which light can be reflected into the eyes. The perception of color is influenced or altered by the change in the wavelengths of light contained in this reflected light and their relative power. Not all people can perceive colors, visually impaired people may not be able to perceive some or all colors, as well as some people who are not recognized as visually impaired but also cannot perceive them. However lots of visually impaired people can be able to perceive light & dark and since this also counts as a feature of colored surfaces, their appearance can be also influenced or altered by the nature of lighting condition. Not to mention that light is a very vital element when providing fair color & luminance contrast to…show more content…
The influence of the light stimulus is affected by five factors which are: 1. Light intensity. 2. Wavelength. 3. Timing. 4. Light history. 5. Pattern of exposure. - Visually impaired person’s needs of lighting vary greatly according to the individual and his/her eye condition. - Although the main goal of the design maybe to accommodate low vision occupants, other senses must be considered as well because when the human body is exposed to an environment and respond to it, all the of our senses are employed to develop or enrich our comprehension of our movement and the surrounding space. - Sky condition and its changing patterns of luminance means that the window’s luminance will also be changed & although this can generally be counted as an advantage for the display and addition of interesting lighting in a space, the moving patches of high illuminance can indeed cause visual distraction which must be greatly considered. -Lighting considerations
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