Unit 1 P2 Business

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Unit 1: Exploring Business: Features contributing to the success of contrasting businesses.
My first chosen business is the Thorpe Park Resort. Thorpe park is ‘owned’ by Nick Leslau but also leased by Merlin entertainments which is the largest entertainment business in Europe running over 100 attractions. The ownership of Thorpe park is a public limited company (PLC), this means that it sells shares in the stock market so it isn’t owned by just one person instead it has shareholders. Being a PLC has its benefits, for example there is limited liability for the shareholders of the business, the business can raise a large sum of money as there is no limit to the amount of shareholders that the company can have, and it also helps the business to
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The structure determines power, roles and responsibilities of each worker in the business and helps to ensure is able to understand their duty as an employee. It is important for a large company to have an organisational structure as it creates guidance for all employees because they’re able to understand where they stand as an employee and who to go to for any help or queries. Another reasons why they’re important is because it streamlines the companies’ operations and helps identify the different teams that you have…show more content…
• The development sectors purpose is to help develop business plans and achieve growth and retention targets for Thorpe park. Jobs in this sector can include waste management and landscape, which are both aimed on developing and making Thorpe park even more better.

• The Human resources is responsible for most of the people related roles in a business. This includes ensuring employee welfare, environment safety and recruiting suitable people to work at Thorpe Park.

• The operations sector manages and supports the business. It includes admissions, rides and attractions and medical issues. However, it can often be seen as the “back office” because it takes care of the many background jobs as well and doesn’t come into contact with the customers, just works behind the scenes in order to help the business remain stable and run efficiently. The Operations sector also has to work with other sectors by using sales forecasts produced by the marketing sector to help plan their production
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