Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 3 P3

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P3 research:

I will now compare different research methodologies for health and social care. There are two types of research that are commonly used when research projects are being taken out, which aim to benefit health and social care related services. These two types of research are called quantitative research and qualitative research. The difference between these two is how they collect the information they need in different way and use different kinds of sources, but both benefit the health system. Without research being carried out medical professionals/and laboratory scientists would not be able to provide us with improved medications that can improve our health. Quantitative research is the collection of data. Individuals carrying
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It can help give you more of an understanding reading these, and can provide more in depth detail. However the disadvantage with this method of research is that they may not provide facts, more opinion and experience based. However usually journals are original sources of information before they are published. Also journals are good for research because most journals contain articles in that have been observed by other professionals first to check that the information is reliable. This make it a good source of information. This is why journals are a high valued source of research. (,12430,en.pdf)
Books are a great source of information for researchers. They are mostly based on facts, but also give us great information on different theory’s which can give you a better insight into topic, and help develop opinions. e-resources: This is good for research because you can search for a particular area. This can help researcher if they are doing research just about a topic in a particular area. The sources of information that are on here are usually checked by teachers/professionals which makes it a more reliable source for

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