Unit 10: Safeguarding In Health And Social Care

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Unit 10: Safeguarding in Health and Social Care Student Name: Student I.D: Submission date: Contents Introduction 2 Task-1 3 1.1 Explain why particular individuals and groups may be vulnerable to abuse and/or harm to self and other 3 1.2 Review risk factors which may result in incidence of abuse and/or harm to self and others 4 1.3 Analyse the impact of social and cultural factors on different types of abuse or harm to self and others 4 Task 2 6 2.1 Analyse the strengths and weaknesses in current legislations and policies relating to those vulnerable 6 2.2 Explain how key professionals are involved in the protection of individuals and groups vulnerable to abuse 7 Task 3 8 3.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of working practices to minimise…show more content…
On the other hand emotional and sexual harassment to the girls specially may be done by the people. The age is a crucial matters for performing particular abuses. The people can do harm to disable or mental people with financial or non-financial types of neglect. The harm can be made at any time depending on the situation of the individuals (Green and Kreutzer, 2013). Homeless and out of Family are caused to be abused these types of abuse can also be made by those individuals, generally we that the cultural people are used to drinks alcohol, drugs and various types of vulnerable poisonous to health medicine they use. As a result the people are not sound enough to think and perform in the society. Self-harm also causes other people to be diverted or follow them as well. So self-harm to themselves or for other whatever happens is not expected by

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