Unit 12 D1

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Unit 12- D1: Review a recent advance in support system technology In this document I will be reviewing recent advances in support systems technology. For this I have chosen 3 developments. In the modern world, IT is something we all use for a range of different tasks from entertainment to work. As technology advances, the chance of encountering an error increases as we use more technological advances. In order to ensure that everything runs as it should without errors, companies and organisations have their own IT Support departments which deal with users’ issues. In the past 20 year the IT Support Technology has changed drastically in order to adapt to our never ending need of IT Support with our work tools and gadgets. In this document I…show more content…
• Performance is a huge issue related to VNC as the program is only as fast as the internet connection. This means that if the organisation’s internet is slow, the VNC program will run poorly and the issue may not be resolved which will waste time for both the user and the support. • Compatibility is an issue related to VNC as there may be more than one network in the organisation and the organisation may use more than one operating system. This makes it very hard to establish a VNC tunnel and the software itself may not be compatible with some hardware/machines. Twitter Accounts providing tech support: Twitter is a very popular social networking site where a user can type anything in 140 characters or less and it is instantly sent to the recipient account and can be viewed by anyone. In the past 5 years more and more companies have started creating their own tech support Twitter accounts to which users can tweet and receive instant support. This is a useful technological advancement as a range of people use the website, from 10 to 80 year olds and anyone can create an account for free and instantly send a question to tech support.…show more content…
Companies like Samsung, Apple, Sony, Rockstar, Steam, and other organisation have spent large resources of money on creating tech support pages where a user can create a ticket which describes their problem, can attach videos and images, and see their ticket at any time. This makes the interaction between the IT Support and users easier and faster than ever before. Pros: • Anyone with an internet connection can create an account and list a ticket • Users can be verified to ensure they are entitled to the tech support • Replies are fast and allow the attachment of

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