Unit 13 P4 Business

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Manufacturing – within a business the manufacturing department works alongside several other departments such as marketing and purchasing to make sure that they manufacture products efficiently. Manufacturing is generally a long process as detailed designs of products have to be assembled before construction can begin. Manufacturing varies can depend on the organisation type large companies are likely to manufacture products themselves, and they tend to do this on a large scale in order to be able to buy resources in bulk in order to save a substantial amount of money. Small businesses tend to design their own products but may not have the ability to manufacture; therefore they usually hire other companies to manufacture for them - this can be quite costly, so they commonly perform manufacturing on a large scale…show more content…
This category is not found in all businesses as it is not always essential. Large businesses tend to have an entire division for operations and it habitually has its own hierarchy to make sure that operations are processed appropriately and in a formal order. Smaller businesses tend to have a senior manager or a small management team who are in control of the business’ operations. Personnel - this category is the indispensable area involved in almost every business. Personnel are responsible for ‘carrying’ the business as they are required for tasks such as directly selling products to customers. Large companies tend to have lots of personnel as they have lots of large scale work to do on a regular basis. Smaller companies generally have fewer personnel as they may have less work to do. Small business owners also try to keep personnel to a minimum to increase their own personal

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