Unit 13 Recruitment And Selection P1 Business Plan

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Form 2:
Job Description Form

Form 3:

Phase 2: Selection
Evaluation of own work in selection process
The role of my job (Executive Human Resource Manager) is to first find out which job role is vacant, in this we need a Shift Manager and we need to select a qualified employee for this place.
Then need to design a recruitment plan. In this, we need to create a job description. After designing the ad which is needed to be given to put up in media’s to get needed employee. For advertisement, will be using print media’s (such as, newspaper, etc.) as well as Social Media’s and reach the ad to the targeted candidate. In the ad, it is important to mention about the qualification and experience neededfor Shift Manager Job in the Restaurant.
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After one candidate is sorted out from the interview, then need to call him/her for finalising what is he/she expecting from the organisation and what organisation is expecting from him/her and finalising all the deals like salary and accommodation.
The Executive Human Resource Manager plays a vital part in selection process. Mostly all the process in the selection and recruiting are done by HR Manager and also responsible in selection of the suitable candidate.
Legal, Regulatory and Ethical consideration in Selection process and their implications
Selection is the process of selecting a qualified person to the required job who can successfully do the job and deliver valuable contributions to the organisation. Selection system will depend on job analysis to ensure that the selection criteria is job related. The requirements in the selection system are knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics.
Legal Considerations
In the Selection Process need to avoid some areas which could cause the legal violations, unless which is directly related to the job.
Following are the questions which are acceptable to ask in the selection

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