Unit 14 P1

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Task 1 LO1. Be able to negotiate industry experience in the business or job and address the following P1.1 Research and evaluate suitable organisation that could provide industry experience Transport industry is a greatest industry that has helped many develop skills such as management, planning skills, the ability to think logically, good leadership and motivational skills, good geographical knowlege and team work. Good leadership skills are essential for a career in the transport industry. The internship program presents a great career entry opportunity as the candidate will have the change to demonstrate his expertise by solving complex tasks and implementing own ideas. One of the practical experiences that assist in bringing together more theories and practical knowledge is called placement. An industrial placement offers the…show more content…
I will collect feedback from supervisor, clients and other workers regarding my performance. When I evaluate my work, it is important to breakdown job description into specific tasks and determines the standard to which each of tasks should be performed. I should assess my performance of these tasks in terms of feedback I receive and my own judgment of my capabilities. I must identify any gaps between expected and required performance and actual performance. I need to take action to address them. I need to seek help from supervisor for training or education session to improve my skills and knowledge. It is necessary to identify own limitations, weakness. Self evaluation, help to determine whether the skills currently I have are sufficient or whether they need to be improved. The benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback is to help me improve my work learn from my mistakes and to help me feel more confident in the work that I am doing. Feedback also helps us see ourselves from the perspective of others - to see ourselves as others see us. We learn a great deal from the feedback of others, and from past failures and
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