Unit 16 P2 Business Essay

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Unit 16 P2 Bridget Describe how the skills that employees required to carry out jobs in an organization are identified In this assignment I am going to describe the skills that are needed to carry out jobs within my organisation which I have chosen to be Lambeth college and I am going to identify them Skills and talents of employees are vital for a business. As they can either make or break the business and hold a lot of value. Skills Audit Is a method that used to point out any skill gaps in a organisation, in this case I have chosen Lambeth college is a key bit of information that a organisations needs to know what skills and knowledge of their staff. reasons for this are because it It will determine whether Lambeth college are meeting their goals Without this information / process Lambeth…show more content…
As technology is changing much I 'm so many ways this would be a big advantage for staff members at Lambeth college with a high technology interest and set of skills have an advantage over staff who don 't as an example Lambeth college is a place of learning and the teachers are expected to have good IT skills as they will need to have the knowledge and skills to teach skills transfer Many organisations will access an employee’s current skills in this example Lambeth college make test the skills of employees IT skills to see whether the skills are matching the business 's goals and objectives. Some employees make already have the required skills but may not be able to use them to their full potential so they will get sent of to a different department where uber skills may be more useful for that certain positions for that reason Lambeth college may use current employer instead of employing external

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