Unit 18 Performance Activity 18

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Performance Activity 18: Discuss with cooperating teacher how he/she uses on line resources such as video streaming, You Tube, or even in assessments, etc. to accomplish differentiated instructional objectives that enhance learning for each student.

I completed this performance activity at my fourth site visit, when I interviewed Mrs. Corcoran. Mrs. Corcoran uses online resources such as: GoNoodle and math online resource, which I forgot to what the resource is called. She uses GoNoodle, as a way, to allow her students to release hyperactivity and impulsivity. GoNoodle is a dance and sing videos, which the students can see and dance too. One video I know is students counting by twos, fives, tens, twenties, twenty-five, fifties, and one hundred. Differentiated instruction is seen by allow students to practice skills by singing and dance, or musical rhythmic and bodily-kinesthetic than counting numbers as a whole class. The math online resources differentiate instruction by testing students …show more content…

On Monday, site visit six, Mrs. Corcoran projected on the board the thirty-nine cents in change, and which student had to count or guess the correct amount and whisper the answer to either Mrs. Corcoran or me. This informally assess and allows Mrs. Corcoran to monitors if students need more time to practice counting money. Informal assessment allows the students to be aware in their own learning of the lesson; for example, one student did not try to count the money and he refused to count, which shows the students was refusing to do the activity, which can be assume the student either understands the concept of counting change, or the student needs more practice. Most of the other students were fairly confident on counting change, which indicates students are close to fully generalizing the counting change or have reached the generalization step of

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