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1. Please provide up to 3 examples of computer code that you have written to carry out data management, reporting or analysis. This can include programs written in SAS, R, or another programming language or queries written in SQL or another query language. While working in the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wage Unit, I have worked primarily with SQL procedure editor software. One of the queries I have written allows staff to identify businesses with the highest or lowest employment and wages in a specific economic industry and county. The query quickly allows staff to review and analyze micro employment data that may potentially impact the macro employment and wage level. During the review of the data, users are able to apply the business locations into an interactive NC map feature that is similar to Rmaps to validate the business 's exact address locations and zip codes. The map is used to find zip code and county discrepancies within the existing Win-202 (employment and wage) database which helps to maintain accurate physical address locations.…show more content…
The output file generates an excel report of business changes that is used to identify businesses which need to be contacted to confirm the accuracy of these changes. The confirmed data is then forwarded to the Census Employment Statistics Program as necessary, to prevent large data discrepancies during annual benchmarking. 2. Please provide a written description of a business or research task that you carried out in your professional or academic career that improved a process or solved a problem. The description should be no more than 1,000

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