Unit 2 Health And Social Care Level 5 Unit 5

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On 10/26/16 CM went to unit #222 due a complaint that water was coming from that unit causing some damages to the ceiling in unit #122, situation that has been happing before and was fixed by the maintenance personal. CM ask Ms. Footman was happen she say that anything was fine in her unit, however based on CM observation , the bathroom tub was wet , signs that someone recently took a shower but the floor was dry. Ms. Footman denied having any flood in the unit at that moment. On 11/27/16 CM went to conduct the Safe Sleep inspection with the DHS Compliance Analyst Jeanette Chirico, while in the second floor we went to unit #222 assigned to Ms. Tiana Footman and her three children. While inside unit, the floor was wet and 2 of her kids were in the tub with the water running, and the bathroom floor was complete wet.…show more content…
Chiricco asks client why the floor was wet and Ms. Footman became hostile saying that her kids were taking a shower and the tub over flood therefore it was water on the floor. CM reminded Ms. Footman that this situation happens before and that she is causing that the unit located under her unit has the bathroom ceiling damage. Ms. Chiricco told Ms. Footman that is considered property damage which is a violation of the DHS Client Code of Conduct. Ms. Footman became hostile and irate, screaming and cursing saying that she tire of bitches coming gin her unit and tell her what to do. Client slams her unit door as CM and Ms. Chricco left her unit, them them she was talking with someone on her cellphone, yelling saying that now “This bitch from DHS comes here to tell me about my unit but no one care about
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