Unit 2 Health And Social Care Practice Essay

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Care Practice in the community UG no: 000910267 Bexley College no: 15023983 Residential and Nursing homes were controlled by Parts one and two of the Registered Homes Act (1984) until the Care Standards Act (2000) was presented in April 2002. The old Act had two units. Nursing homes were controlled under Part one, in addition residential homes under Part two. Homes offering nursing and residential care were reviewed twice and some homes were relieved from review. The Care Standards Act is an enormous portion of legislation that goes far beyond purely regulating homes Nursing Times (2002). The Secretary of State for Health in agreement with section 23 of the Care Standards Act 2000 (CSA) produced these standards. Practical this was…show more content…
I wonder if she was having toothache and needs to go to the dentist. For the services user best interests I talk to other staffs, I checked with the services user views, what is relevant to her and think about alternatives such as booking a dentist appointment for her. After the dentist appointment, severe harm occur for it to be a never event issues, as a result of administration of the wrong treatment following the service user misidentification due to the doctor failure to use standard wristband for identification processes. The services user end up having seizure due to the wrong medication prescribes by the doctor. I believe the doctor fail to include the four core patient identifiers on wristbands such as the last name, first name, date of birth and NHS number. He also fails to follow the information on Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care (2009) which clearly says to follow clear and consistent processes for
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