Unit 2 Plasmid Research Paper

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Instructions: Answer the questions as directed. Upload the assignment prior to the beginning of your next lab section. Make sure you give yourself time to troubleshoot any issues you may have with uploading the assignment. You are responsible for uploading the correct file. Given the map of the plasmid in Figure 10-3, you should be able to predict the length of DNA fragments that will result when these digests are completed. Predict sizes of DNA fragments produced from PvuII digest: 628-306= 322 2686-322= 2364 Predict sizes of DNA fragments produced from AvaII digest: 2059-1837= 222 2686-222=2464 Predict sizes of DNA fragments produced from PvuII+ AvaII digest: 2686-2059+306= 933 2686-322-222-933= 1209 Part 5. Questions Compose your answers with complete, grammatically correct sentences. This assignment is due at the beginning of next lab 1. For a plasmid to be useful as a recombinant DNA vector, it must have some essential features. What…show more content…
How could a single nucleotide change on the plasmid alter the fragment pattern observed in the gel? (3 points) When a single nucleotide is change on the on the plasmid, it will make the restriction enzyme not to recognize the fragment pattern and also all the numbers at each site will be altered or this action could make the fragment not to be incised at the expected site, which could make a larger fragment to travels a short interval on the gel with less fragments than expected. It could also make it to be incised at more places than that originally expected and the result will be increased, smaller fragments that move further across the gel. There may also be no change in the banding pattern. 4. Recombinant DNA technology is used to make genetically modified organisms (GMOs). No doubt you are aware of the current debate about GMO food. Thinking as a scientist, describe the kinds of data you think would be important for making a decision about whether GMO-derived food is safe for your family. (2

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